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The Puppy’s phases of development

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Phases of development

The Puppy passes through several stages of development after birth.

Vegetative phase (1. and 2. week)
In this early stage eyes and ears are still closed, and the sense of smell is poorly developed.

Transition period (3. week)
Now the palpebral fissure and outer acoustic meatus open up, still the Puppy is not able to see. Vision is not developed before the 17th or 18th week. The same applies for the sense of hearing. Did the Puppy so far solely sleep and drink, he’ll now be able to notice his siblings and adjacencies.

Filial Imprinting (4 – 7. week)
Eyes, nose and ears are fully developed. In this period the Puppy ideally becomes acquainted with various impressions like humans, noises or visual impressions. He consciously notices his environment und gets to know his social partners. While playing with his little brothers and sisters he will learn to find his position in the hierarchy and to test himself and the others. This is the period where personality and temper are stamped. Is a Puppy in this period kept isolated and without social contacts, it is very likely that there will be major problems with the dog’s socialization.

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Puppy Potty Training

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Potty Training

The first thing you want to do when a new puppy arrives to your home is to start the potty training. Potty training can be the most challenging and rewarding part of all puppy-training exercises. Potty training your new family member can be very frustrating at times, but can provide a lifetime of rewards. Being consistent while potty training will help your puppy develop a positive behavior.

The biggest challenge when potty training your puppy is to recognize your puppy’s signals when it needs to go potty. When most people first bring home their new puppy they focus on the love & enjoyment their puppy will bring, but without effective potty training this novelty wears off and soon leads to other related problems. The time spent potty training your puppy will be well worth it, both for you and your dog. When potty training, keep in mind that puppies, like humans, tend to flourish when phrased and are rewarded for their efforts.

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Crate Training

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Crate training your dog

Crate training a dog can be one of the most beneficial aspects of successful instruction. Crate training not only helps ease your mind when you are away from home, but it is also of assistance in potty training.

A crate for your dog will become his sanctuary. Whether or not you chose this as a home for him when you are gone or as a bed at night, it is important to make the crate experience a positive one. The crate should become a comfort zone, and should be used consistently when leaving or sleeping. Crating your pup when you leave home will put your mind at ease knowing that he will not be chewing or soiling the rest of your home. It is also comforting to know that your dog feels safe and relaxed until you can return.

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