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Aggression Training – Guard Dogs

The aggression training of guard dogs and attack dogs that are used for the protection of people and property is a complex type of training that needs to be performed by a professional trainer. It is not something an amateur pet owner should undertake. A great deal of special personal protective equipment is needed in order to do it safely and avoid injury during the training process.

When one thinks of aggression training for dogs, it is usually training the dogs to cease the behavior. Aggressive behavior includes biting, excessive barking, and lunging. Attacks on people and children by dogs occurs far too often, and most local laws are fairly strict it. The concept of the family pet as a crazed attack dog will not go over very well in a law court.

Aggressive behavior in a dog is usually the result of fear and confusion in the dog. Aggressive dogs have often been mistreated and have a general distrust of humans, and even other dogs. They also may not properly understand their own role in the social structure of their own family. The dog is a pack animal and must understand that the human is the leader of the pack. If the dog does not understand this or the human is not acting as the leader, the dog will assume the role. One of the roles of the pack leader is protection of the pack, and the result will be the dog will attack outsiders thinking he is doing the necessary thing. The result will be a lawsuit, and the euthanizing of the dog.

The guard dog, on the other hand, does not attack his victim out of fear or confusion about his status. He attacks because he is commanded to attack. The difference here is quite obvious. One situation is controlled and the other is not. The guard dog must summon aggression and attack only when the proper command is given or in a clearly defined threat situation. This is why guard and attack dogs must be subjected to an extensive and professionally managed course of training. If the average pet owner has personal safety concerns and wishes his animal to provide security and protection to himself and his family, it is possible to have a dog trained by professionals. It is important to remember that although the dog will be fine with family members after the training, it will never be wise to allow it to be around people outside of the family unless it is under the direct control of its owner.

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