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Dogs are very intelligent, but this can only be utilized with respect to the training they receive. Dogs do make great companions, and a well trained dog is truly great company.

Have ever heard the saying – ‘’you don’t teach an old dog new tricks’’. the lesson here is that you should start all training exercise when your dog is still a puppy. Once you get your puppy, the first thing you do is to take him to veterinary clinic. Get him registered and take note of his routine check ups and vaccination protocol/schedule. It is important you have him vaccinated  as when due so that there will be no fear in getting him socialize with people.

On getting home, introduce your puppy to your kids and friends. Let them hold and cuddle him.  This is an important initiation process into the family.

Note ;- you may want your puppy to avoid other dogs until he has had his second set of vaccination.

Before we start on dog training , you need to learn the words;- ‘patience’ and constituency’ the dog will task all these virtues and you need to be well prepared.

You may need to teach your dog to;-

(a)           Expel his waste at a scheduled area p you need to be very persistent with this as he will be unaware of such habit. Be watching to note when his about to excrete his wastes, and then get him to do it at the right place.

(b)           Train him to answer to his name:- give your dog a name and stick to it. The puppy quickly learn to respond when he is called and you may have this ‘stick -on’ by giving a treat anytime he responds accordingly.

©            Let him understand ‘No’ and ‘Stop’ ;- this is very important, it could well save his life and that of others later. You need to be very firm in ensuring that ‘No’ is always promptly obeyed.

(d)           Train him to get accustomed to ahead;- He should enjoy having a collar on.

(e)           let him know you are always in control;- this is very important! Some dogs have strong dominance trait. They will not be easily subdued. You need to let him know that you are his BOSS! Way to achieve this include;-

*             control when he gets his food, and how he gets it, let him have to come to you for his meal, and it may require that he sit before getting it.

*             when playing game with your dog, do not involve in contests. Get him to run after the ball and bring it back to you.

*             Grooming has a way of bonding the dog to it’s owner. It makes him know you are in charge.

Other training tips include ;-

a) Do not give commands in a sharp, angry voice.

b) Assist to get him into the position you desire e.g when commanding him to ’sit’. in the early stages, you will need to help position him rightly.

c) Do not repeat commands. If you give a command, and it is not obeyed you will not want to repeat it severally or probably shout at him. Your dog should learn to obey you following a single command.

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