Most Common Mistakes When Training Dogs

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Most Common Mistakes when training Dogs

You probably know that dog training can be done in a variety of ways. However, most methods used in this activity nowadays have in common one key-word: positive reinforcement as the most efficient way of training dogs. Indeed, statistics show that almost all of those successful training systems are based on positive reinforcement.

But no matter what training program you chose, you are likely to commit one or more of the most common errors. You should read this information in order to avoid them, because these three serious mistakes will make training sessions tiring and ineffective.

The first one consists in the lack of constancy. As you know, regular practice and repetition is the main condition for learning. For instance, after performing successfully a certain command, the dog receives a reward; it will expect to receive exactly the same reward after accomplishing exactly the same action. This is the way your dog understands the reward approach and this is how it learns.

But if you reward it sometimes and fail to do that other times before the dog gets the chance to learn, it will get confused. So the key to success lies in remaining consistent and not interrupting training sessions for long periods of time.

The second serious mistake is losing your patience. Remember that dog training procedure can take some time, because it is not an easy task neither for the animal, nor for the trainer. Remaining calm and patient will help you deal with unpredicted situations. What is more, keep in mind that showing your impatience will make your dog feel frustrated about not pleasing you. Don’t worry if results do not appear right away; it is normal to take it step by step.

The last error is not treating your pet as an actual training partner. Bear in mind that training involves two parts: the trainer and the dog, so don’t make it all this about you. Sometimes trainers are way too worried about methods and steps and forget to take into account their furry friend.

It is advisable to look at these training sessions as a way of having fun, both for you and the dog rather than a complicated experiment in which the dog turns into your subject. You should consider your dog a friend and not an item of personal property! Training is supposed to strengthen the bond between you and your pet and help you better communicate with it.

Communication is crucial if you want your dog to obey you. So studying your dog’s behavior and personality represents an essential factor which ensures successful and quicker results.To sum up,these are the most common errors concerning dog training.

By following the advice mentioned aboved, you are likely to transform dog training sessions into an enjoyable activity for both parts and, equally important, to obtain the best outcomes. Seeing your dog obeying your commands will be both fun and useful.

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