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Dog Training – why is it important?

Everyone has heard of the dog that digs holes in the backyard. Many of us have even been victim to the dog that chews on every little thing, including your new pair of shoes and freshly painted floorboards. Undoubtedly, we have all lived near a dog that barks at the sight of a fly.

Why should you train your dog? The reason is simple and clear: because you both deserve it. What dog wants to be yelled at day after day for taking a piddle on the floor when he merely does not know any better? What owner wants to be the bearer of the yell and the one with a dirty home?

Obedience training is vital to both yours and your dog’s happiness and longevity. When a dog is well trained, he is given far fewer boundaries, and is able to enjoy his life as his pleases. When you have friends and family over, you will no longer have to lock your dog in a room or crate for fear he will be disobedient. A well-trained dog becomes a part of the family all the time.

Your dog’s happiness and the cleanliness of your carpets isn’t the only thing riding on their training. Through training exercises you will certainly strengthen your relationship and form a bond that can only be gained through the guidance that you are providing. When your dog appreciates that you are his AlphaParent, he will gain an immense amount of respect and communicable understanding for you. Training your dog can open communication between you and your dog, making for a pleasant life long friend.

For any training program to be victorious, dogs need to be rewarded for good behavior. Good behavior should be recognized with limited treats and plenty of exercise. Depending on the type of dog you have, the best temperament training can be going for a run or a swim. Letting your dog vent energy by playing with him will combat boredom and typically eliminate common bad habits such as barking.

Before bringing a dog home it is imperative that you have the time to devote to training him. Repetition is extremely important in teaching, and a routine will be fundamental to a successful training plan. A puppy is just like a child and demands constant attention or the results can be disastrous. If you are adopting a puppy you can bet on being woken up several times a night for the first few weeks of training. You will also need to have the flexibility to take your new companion outside at least every three hours for potty time.

While training a dog from the day you bring him home can be beneficial and helpful in the training process, it is never too late to start.