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Why having dog insurance is important

To have a proper insurance for the dog is a very important issue for every new dog owner.
While most dog owners firstly think about health insurance plans, good public liability insurance, covering every kind of accident or injury is much more important. Even the smallest dog may cause a car accident by running on a road, make somebody fall and break his leg, damage someone else’s property, or bite the postman to defend his home.

Make sure the maximum cover is high enough to pay even for a heavy car accident and long term rehab. Most insurance plans have a very low coverage that is no help at all. There is many insurance companies specialized on pet insurances, so take your time to compare their plans and packages.

No matter where you live and what your neighbourhood looks like, there is always a remaining risk.

Of course then there is the possible cost of treating your dog in case of an illness. While some dogs will only see the vet for vaccination and check-up, others may suffer a chronic illness leading to repeated visits to a veterinary hospital. One in three pets need veterinary treatment each year, so pet insurance is an important consideration. If you plan to breed, consider covering that cost also. There are of course many kinds of insurances and plans to cover those costs. Some cover just treatment and medication, others even x-rays, surgeries or hospitalization. Many plans may just pay for a certain percentage of the cost, so ask for all quotes available.

If you own any other dogs or pets, look for discount packages. Ask your local kennel or breeders club if they have any cooperation or special deals for members. If you already have personal lines insurance, ask if they also cover your pet, how to add your pet if possible and for special deals on that matter.

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