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Training DVDs & Videos

We live in a media driven world today, and it has reached into the area of dog training. Dog training videos have become a popular form of passing on basic training advice to dog owners. The videos are usually available in DVD format, but nowadays also as downloads. There are thousands of titles to chose from and they cover every aspect of dog behavior and training.

The first major group is usually called puppy videos. These videos give the essential early training steps for a new puppy including house breaking and basic obedience. The next group is the obedience videos that cover all aspect of basic training of the household pet and include leash training. Other videos deal with such special areas as proper nutrition and breeding.

A major group of training videos cover the different forms of collar training. This includes the use of special collars like the prong collar and the electric collar. There are videos that deal with the handling of overly dominant or aggressive dogs. Household dogs are not the only subject of dog training videos. Videos can also show the training methods used for police dogs and give advice on how to train a dog for personal protection. Even tracking and hunting are common subjects.

The videos are generally very helpful for anyone, but they are even more so for those you learn and retain information better when it is presented visually. The steps of each type of training are shown on the video and carefully explained. For many people, this visual reinforcement makes it easier to understand the basic concept behind each stage of the training and is the next best thing to an actual hands-on approach. In addition to this, the videos usually are produced by the most experienced dog trainers, who share their vast amount of knowledge via the video.

Dog training videos are often found in the local pet shop, but a short search on the internet will reveal several distributors with hundreds of titles from which to make your selection.

One advantage of the online method of shopping is that many of the distributors offer complete reviews of the video on the website, and you can be sure that your selection is appropriate for your own needs. Although prices vary greatly depending on the video and the format, they are not inexpensive and it is important to insure that the video you purchase contains the information you need for your own dog training needs.

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