Puppy Energy Burn Off

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Energy Burn Off

Most all puppies have big bursts of energy at one time of the day or another.

These energy burn off times can be a positive or negative experience. Lets analyze the positive first. If an energy burn off comes up when you are at home with your pup, it can provide you with an excellent opportunity to structure some really fun and educational use of a playtime. The results of this type of session are easy training, fun learning plus the added bonus of a tired out pup at the end of it all.

A tired pup is a quieter and less destruc-tive pet in the house. For this reason, I recom-mend working owners or busy families, to try at all costs to have an energy burn off session with the puppy before leaving for the day. Even 5 to 10 minutes will make a tremendous difference. Then place your puppy in the most puppy-proof room or spot available in your home. A garage is OK if it has been completely puppy proofed and the temperature is reasonable for your particular breed. Provide lots of chewy things, and an old blanket or towel. (OLD so that when you come home and find it shredded you can laugh as you sweep it into the garbage and replace it with another old one).

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Overweight Dogs

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Overweight Dogs – Health Issues

When we think of dogs we tend to think of agile creatures that love to exercise and play, have speed and power, and are sleek or cuddly. However, just like humans and other animals, dogs are creatures that can be prone to weight problems, some breeds far more than others.

Most dogs love their food and treats, and although most love to exercise and play there are also those that are quite happy to toast their paws in front of the fire and play the “couch potato” whenever given the chance. And, of course, the combination of lack of exercise and over-feeding can lead to a very fat little dog.


Avoiding obesity in your dog

Some dogs can be far more susceptible than others to weight gain, and for dogs this can result in a range of associated health problems. Weight gain can not only make your dog miserable, but reduce his quality of life, and even reduce his lifespan.

This is why it is important for responsible owners to monitor and maintain a healthy weight for their dogs, and in the event of weight gain to take action in order to try and get their weight back on track.

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Barking Dog

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While there are many different reasons that dogs bark, it is agreed upon by all that most barks are uninhibited and unnecessary. It is within your dog’s nature to bark and in most cases he will feel that he is simply doing you a favor in warning you about the boy playing on his bike outside.

Most barks are simply in reaction to a strange noise, a knock at the door, or people walking outside. While a majority of the time this can be assumed, it is important not to forget that he may in fact be trying to tell you something.

Your pup may need to go outside, or he may simply need water or food. It is also likely that he may be bored and wanting some attention or playtime. After checking that all of these needs have been satisfied, it is usually safe to assume that your dog is simply barking to hear himself bark.

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Chewing and Digging Dog

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How to deal with chewing and digging

Dogs have the innate sense to chew and dig, thus demolishing some of your most precious possessions. Chewing and digging are activities that help your dog relieve stress or anxiety and combat boredom. This behavior is normal, but can be stopped with simple preventative measures.

For the young puppy that is teething, be sure to have a lot of puppy bones and toys on hand. Teething puppies also love chewing on a frozen washcloth and they even make puppy teething rings that owners can freeze. If you catch your pup chewing on a shoe or other inappropriate item, promptly take it from your dog and replace it with a suitable toy. Once you teach your dog what items he can and cannot chew, it is important to switch up his toys so that he does not get bored with the ones that he has.

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