Disc Dogs – Dog Frisbee

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Disc Dogs – Dog Frisbee

Concentration, physical activity, fitness and creativity: Dog Frisbee is challenging dogs and humans alike.

The Dog Frisbee sports (“Disc Dog”) is beeing practised in the United States for more than 25 years. It is very popular and widespread among sporty dog owners.

In Disc Dog the collaboration between animal and man is fundamental. Both therefore have to train for the sport, as a dog, no matter how talented, can only show its skills if the Frisbee is thrown correctly.

Through its variety, Dog Frisbee is really something for every healthy dog, regardless of race, gender, height and weight. As with all other dog activities, also in Disc Dog its vital that the dog has fun doing it. Therefore, here is exactly as it should be in the dog training: motivation instead of enfourcement, positive encouragement instead of punishment, and non-verbal communication instead of shouting.

The training

The dog should be slowly get used to the disc, he must learn to see the frisbee as prey, because then his natural hunting instincts arouse. Therefore one should initially roll the Frisbee across the floor. The first catch in the air for dog might be difficult. Once the dog got used to the disc, you can go to step two.

Also catching the disc in the air, must be addressed slowly. Short throws at the beginning, and then slowly start throwing out further distances. It is important to reward the dog with treats or pats and not overwhelm him!

If this is done, you can train the different disciplines of Disc Dogs.

During training however, you should consider the following tips:

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