Dog Insurance – Puppy Insurance

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Why having dog insurance is important

To have a proper insurance for the dog is a very important issue for every new dog owner.
While most dog owners firstly think about health insurance plans, good public liability insurance, covering every kind of accident or injury is much more important. Even the smallest dog may cause a car accident by running on a road, make somebody fall and break his leg, damage someone else’s property, or bite the postman to defend his home.

Make sure the maximum cover is high enough to pay even for a heavy car accident and long term rehab. Most insurance plans have a very low coverage that is no help at all. There is many insurance companies specialized on pet insurances, so take your time to compare their plans and packages.

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Puppy & Dog Grooming

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Grooming Basics

You need to make your Puppy or Dog be used to regular grooming and examination as these are the most important activities to be known well by the dog owner. If the dog owner is not aware of the grooming, then the dog may encounter many types of diseases.

First steps of grooming consist of activities like maintenance of coat, nails and ears. Ear canals are to be checked up frequently and sterile cotton may be used for cleaning purposes.

The maintenance of the coat mainly consists of enrichment measures like proper bathing, combing, drying of skin by dryers, and more. The animal need not be bathed daily and this helps to protect the skin’s characteristics like insulation feature. Use conditioners and shampoos that are meant for dogs.

Combing needs to be carried out with a soft brush meant for use in case of dogs. There are varieties of brushes available and depending on the type of breeds, one can use the concerned brush. This grooming of the coat by a comb needs to be carried out daily and the fallen hair if any needs to be placed in dust bin always. Otherwise, when the dog owners switch on the fan, the hair will fly and may enter the nostrils of persons.

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