Dog proof your Home

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Provide a safe home to your Puppy or Dog

Whether you have never owned a dog and are planning on getting a new puppy, or have had dogs in the past and are considering getting a new puppy, there are a few items to consider to prepare your home for the puppy to arrive. Puppies are cute and fun to play with, but they also come with a ton of responsibility. Taking the proper precautions and actions to prepare your family and home for the new puppies arrival is key to having success and happiness with your newest family member.


Puppies love to chew. Whether your new puppy decides to chew on your shoes, furniture, cords or anything else it can get in its mouth; your puppy will chew. You need to be prepared for this and have a plan of action at hand to teach your new puppy what to chew and what not to chew. The best way to encourage your puppy to chew the right things, is to put them in front of them. Purchase dog bones and dog chews that will encourage your puppy to eat those and not your shoes, clothes and furniture. Secondly, there are dangerous aspects to what your puppy is chewing on. If your puppy decides to chew up a shoe and swallow pieces, you could have some problems on your hands. You may just be footing a veterinarian bill that you otherwise could have avoided. Another highly dangerous part of puppies and dogs with chewing habits is chewing on electrical cords and wires. Whether it’s a lamp, extension cord or computer cord, chewing on anything electrical can result in electrocution or even death. Point made, cover your electrical cords and provide your puppies and dogs with the proper chew toys and treats they will love to chew on, saving your precious belongings.

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