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Dog Training Equipment

In order to determine the proper equipment needed to help train a dog, you first must have a clear idea of just exactly what is going to be the goal of the training. To train a dog simply to be a good household pet is not going to require an excessive amount of special equipment, but to train the dog to be a K-9 attack dog or seeing-eye dog is going to require quite a bit more. The basics for training include the collar and the leash. Most novice pet owners do not take this as serious as they should and tend to select a collar more for its visual appeal than for its training potential.

There are several varieties of collars designed for training. They range from simple snap-on collars to sophisticated electric collars. A general rule of thumb for training collar selection is to select the gentlest collar that accomplishes the goal. Several types of collars, including choke collars and prong collars can cause harm to the dog if not used properly and by an experienced trainer. The leash is another basic equipment item that is often carelessly selected. The leash is the connection between you and your animal and a little investment in the proper size and style of leash for your particular training needs will pay off handsomely.

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