Chewing and Digging Dog

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How to deal with chewing and digging

Dogs have the innate sense to chew and dig, thus demolishing some of your most precious possessions. Chewing and digging are activities that help your dog relieve stress or anxiety and combat boredom. This behavior is normal, but can be stopped with simple preventative measures.

For the young puppy that is teething, be sure to have a lot of puppy bones and toys on hand. Teething puppies also love chewing on a frozen washcloth and they even make puppy teething rings that owners can freeze. If you catch your pup chewing on a shoe or other inappropriate item, promptly take it from your dog and replace it with a suitable toy. Once you teach your dog what items he can and cannot chew, it is important to switch up his toys so that he does not get bored with the ones that he has.

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